Contact: Jill Wilson Phone: 731-352-5272
Welcome to the McKenzie Elementary Library!

  Our library is part of our school's rotation classes.  Every class visits the library once a week for 50 minutes.  Our library provides story time, information literacy lessons, pleasure reading, and reference materials.
McKenzie Banking Co.& A.R. Savings Program

McKenzie Banking Company is partnering with McKenzie Elementary School to offer an incentive for our Accelerated Reader program.  Any student can open a Rebel Savings account and watch his/her hard earned points turn into $$CASH$$!! 

Rebel Savings Account Details:

* Pays 5 cents per AR point   

 *Pays a higher interest rate than regular savings account 

* 2 withdrawals per year

*Incentives and Prizes

*Parent contributions and deposits accepted anytime


1.  Visit McKenzie Banking Co. to open an account

2.  Items needed to open a Rebel Savings account

a.  Valid drivers license or other photo I.D.

b.  Your child's social security card

c.  Minimum deposit of $1

If you have questions, please call Mckenzie Banking Co. at 731-352-2262 or email Shawna at